Our Mission

Helping people to Find and Follow Jesus.


God wants to be personally involved in our everyday lives to fill the spiritual void in our lives. God has provided for our spiritual fulfillment through His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus is the solution to all of life’s problems and the one who allows us to have a personal relationship with God.

The Bible is the complete, infallible and inspired Word of God, which is the sole authority for faith and matters of living, including creation and the conception of life.

The Triune God eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, being totally God, is the only hope for the salvation of man.

He, being virgin born and sinless, paid the price for our sins, was physically resurrected, ascended into Heaven and will come again for all believers.

The Holy Spirit indwells all true believers and binds them together in a spiritual unity. Every person has the right to hear of Christ’s free gift of salvation, and once truly receiving His grace, can never be lost again.