The Constitution and By-Laws of the Cornerstone Church of Poway expresses the church’s unified beliefs and organizes the church’s operations. It consists of 10 sections or “Articles.” Articles 2-4 (II through IV) cover the religious beliefs of the church. The rest cover processes, practices, responsibilities, etc.

Summary of Articles
I – Legal Name, establishing the church’s legal name
II – Mission Statement, stating the church’s complete/extended mission statement
III – The Articles of Faith, listing the foundational beliefs of Cornerstone as a unified body of Christians, with accompanying/underpinning scripture.
IV – Ordinances, describing important services, other than worship services, performed at the church: baptisms, communion, and weddings.
V – Church Officers, describing the roles and appointments of pastors and elders and importance of the “Vote of Confidence.” Includes the church treasurer.
VI – Deacons and Church Staff, describing the role and appointment of deacons and the degree to which church staff must adhere to church beliefs. Includes the church secretary.
VII – Partnership, describing the process of becoming a church member and the rights of members.
VIII – Services, Meetings, and Voting, describing worship services, congregational meetings where votes are to be held, and how such votes are accomplished.
IX – Alterations and Amendments, determining how the constitution may be changed.
X – Dissolution, establishing what happens to the church if it dissolves.

The Constitution and By-Laws of the Cornerstone Church of Poway

Changes to the Constitution
The constitution can only be changed by congregational vote because it is a representation of the whole church, including everyone who worships at Cornerstone. To request/suggest a change, us the feedback button below.

Any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have regarding the Constitution should be submitted to church leadership through this website. All questions will be treated with discretion. You may receive a personal response and all helpful questions and answers will also be included (anonymously) in the FAQ.