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June 16, 2017 Identity Of Grace (Devotional 6-14-17) Dear Cornerstone Family, Is your family known for giving grace to one another? Sometimes it is easier to give grace to someone you don’t live with than those in your own home.  The Bible describes grace as God’s favor, kindness 0
June 9, 2017 Identity Of Integrity (Devotional 6-7-17) Dear Cornerstone Family, In Deuteronomy chapter 6, God calls us first to love Him with all our hearts, soul, and strength and then to raise our children to love and honor Him.  We cannot bring our children any farther than 0
June 2, 2017 Building Our Family Identity (Devotional 5-31-17) Dear Cornerstone Family, Raising a family that loves God and values others is a difficult job and may even seem near impossible in our culture.   Most families are struggling and many are giving up, but there is hope. In Matthew 0
May 25, 2017 Graduating To The Next Level (Devotional 5-24-17) Communion Sunday Communion will be this Sunday, May 28, in both services. Come and remember the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior. Opportunities for your Life Group If you are in one of our community life groups, our life group 0
May 19, 2017 Why We Do What We Do (Devotional 5-17-17) Dear Cornerstone Family, We live in an area where there are so many churches you can choose to attend; in fact, there are 31 churches in Poway alone. So, why attend Cornerstone Church of Poway?  First of all, it’s our 0
May 11, 2017 The Gospel According to Mom (Devotional 5-10-17) Dear Cornerstone Family, Being a mom is possibly the hardest job on earth.  It spans the range of wiping noses, kissing booboo’s, doing laundry multiple times a day, caretaking, counseling, and the list can go on for hours…oh yeah, let’s 0
May 4, 2017 How Can I Know If I Am Saved? (Devotional 5-3-17) Dear Cornerstone Family, Have you ever struggled with the question, “How can I know if I am really saved?”  If you have, you are not alone.  This is an important question for all of us.  Our answer to this question 0
April 28, 2017 Why Is There Evil And Suffering? (Devotional 4-26-17) Dear Cornerstone Family, One of the areas that held me back from becoming a Christian was the pain, abuse, and injustice that I experienced in my childhood.  I struggled with this question, “If God is loving and powerful, then why 0
April 21, 2017 Is Jesus The Only Way To Heaven? (Devotional 4-19-17) Dear Cornerstone Family, Have you ever received a letter from someone in a different country?  It’s pretty amazing isn’t it?  With just seven areas of identification, someone can send you a letter from another country straight to your home.  For 0
April 14, 2017 Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead? (Devotional 4-12-17) Dear Cornerstone Family, Last weekend many people watched the movie, “The Case For Christ,” the life story of Lee Strobel.  He was an investigative journalist for the Chicago Tribune. He made his living by uncovering the truth and exposing the 0