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Growth Classes


Cornerstone offers classes to help you grow stronger in your Christian faith and daily walk. Each class is designed to provide a different avenue to maturity.

Classes are:
• Offered multiple times a year
• Informal and interactive
• Taught by church leaders
• 2.5 hours long, with breaks and activities

Are you ready to take your next right step? Check the events page for dates and times.



Discover Cornerstone’s vision for partnership.
Who: anyone who attends Cornerstone.
What: learn about Cornerstone’s foundational beliefs and what it means to be a partner.

The Discover class is your first step toward investing in the life and mission of Cornerstone Church of Poway. Our goal as a congregation is to help others find and follow Jesus! And we hope you will join us.
In this class you will learn about Cornerstone’s vision for partnership. We don’t believe church is a club; we believe it is a group activity. So we have partners, not members. You will learn about the church’s core beliefs and, if you are ready, sign the partnership covenant indicating your desire to worship, grow, and serve with us.



Develop new patterns for your daily walk.
Who: anyone who has taken Discover and wants to experience a personal and daily Christian walk.
What: learn why you should and how you can create routine, faith-based activities beyond attending a weekly worship service.

Being a Christian isn’t just about going to church on Sunday. Every Christian struggles to develop daily routines, like reading the Bible, praying, and tithing. Though it may feel like a lonely struggle, creating good faith habits is something you don’t do alone! Christ and other Christians will be there to support and encourage your personal walk. This class will help you embrace the discipline that leads to spiritual growth.



Uncover how God has shaped you for service
Who: anyone who has taken Discover and wants to understand God’s plan for their life.
What: learn about you! How God has shaped you, what spiritual gifts He has given you, and how you can lead a more fulfilling life through service.

God created each of us with different strengths, talents, personalities, and has given us a gift through the Holy Spirit. The SHAPE class will help you discover and understand how your shape for ministry using examples from the Bible and a series of exercises in which you inventory your gifts, passions, abilities, personality, and experiences. You should leave this class with an understanding of what your personal ministry might be.



Tell others your life-changing story
Who: anyone who has taken Discover and wants to share their faith with others.
What: learn about how to share your faith without feeling nervous, embarrassed, or scripted.

For many Christians, the idea of witnessing is a scary! But it shouldn’t be something you have to work yourself up to, like diving into cold water. Witnessing is something you do every day and sharing your story should feel relaxed and natural when God gives you an opportunity and you are prepared. It should be something that brings you joy, as well as blessing others. This class teaches you how to tell your story and lead others to Christ.