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Facilities Repair Request Form

The Cornerstone Facilities Repair Request Form is used to submit repair requests.

The form includes a minimal number of elements – the goal was to make it brief enough to make it easy to fill out but still include all the details someone needs in order to respond to the request.

When a form is submitted, email notifications (with the details of the request) are sent to pre-determined individuals who are assigned to respond to such requests. (See section below on adding/removing your email address to/from this list.)

The request is also summarized in a spreadsheet, where workers can track repair progress and look up the details of past repairs.

Both the form and the spreadsheet are housed within the church’s Google Drive account, and may be edited there.


Link to the repair form:


Link to the spreadsheet of repair requests:



To add the form or spreadsheet to your phone, tablet, or other mobile device. 

1. Make sure you have internet access.
2. Open a web browser on your device.
3. Navigate to either the repair form or the work spreadsheet. (Whichever one you want to add to your device.)
4. Once the site pops up you can bookmark it (add to Favorites on an Apple device), or you can add it to your device’s screen as an icon. To do the latter…
5. Look for a pull-down menu near the top (Android) or an icon near the bottom that looks like a square with an arrow pointing up/out of it (Apple). Once you have opened the menu/pressed the icon, you should see an option like “add to home screen.”
6. Follow the on-screen instructions from this point. Feel free to rename it to something that makes sense to you, this will just be the label for the icon on your device; it won’t mess anything up at the site.


To have your email added/removed to the list of those notified when a request is made, contact tholaday@gmail.com.

[For knowledge-transfer/legacy purposes, Here are the instructions for the process.]

1. Request access to the Google Drive account for church@cornerstonepoway.com. Access is restricted to certain individuals. Currently, those are Troy Holaday and David Saenz.
2. Open the Cornerstone Facilities Request Form (Responses) spreadsheet.
3. From the menu, choose Tools > Script Editor
4. Scroll down until you see the note: “// Add/remove notifiction email addresses here.”
5. Add or remove the email address desired. There is no limit to the emails that may be inserted here, but be careful to preserve the syntax. The line should read like: var email = “rabidpossm@aol.com,mmfishhead@gmail.com”; All the quotes and punctuation are important. Make sure each address is separated with a comma. Spaces are not needed.
6. When finished, use the menu to File > Save.
7. Then use the menu to Run > Initialize.