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Mother’s Day (Devotional 5-9-18)

Dear Cornerstone Family,

Being a mom is possibly the hardest job on earth. It spans the range of wiping noses, kissing boo-boos, doing laundry multiple times a day, caretaking, counseling, and the list can go on for hours…oh yeah, let’s not forget giving birth! Certainly, it requires great sacrifice and limitless energy. It can bring out the best and the worst in you. But to invest your time and best efforts into a child, to watch that child grow and develop into a young man or woman, can be one of the greatest rewards in all of life. 

Some of us have had almost perfect moms, some of us have had less than perfect moms, and if we are to be honest–most of us have been less than perfect kids. So much of who we are as men and women is rooted in the parent-child relationship. I believe that our role as a mother or father will greatly affect the kind of men and women our children will become.

God places a high value on relationships, especially as a family. 

Today we may live together as a family, but many times we are not doing things together as a family. Too often our schedules are too busy with activities, and we are not engaging in our relationships as a family. We become focused on getting our kids the best education, the best sports program, and the best extra-curricular activities.

What if we slowed down and lined up our priorities to value relationships–especially in our families? What if we made it our priority to BE a family instead of simply EXIST as a family? It is easy to say we want to be a family, but the truth will be revealed in our calendars when we make time to BE together. If we could just slow down a bit and ask ourselves, “Does my calendar support a family that will love each other ten years from now?” And if it doesn’t, let’s make some changes.

Here is a great step in lining up your priorities to have better family time, let’s worship together! Come to church as a family and then enjoy a meal together. If you make worship and family time a habit, you’ll be glad you did ten years from now. Proverbs 16:3 (NIV) tells us, “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”

It is never too late to start worshiping our Savior as a family.

Following THE Leader with you,


Pastor Ed Turley

Cornerstone Church of Poway




Work Day at Church:

We will be working on the Prayer Quilt Ministry Building this Saturday, May 12, 8 am – 4 pm. We will be removing and discarding the roofing, so if you have some time and would like to lend a hand, that would be awesome! Many hands make light work. All skill levels are welcome and lunch will be provided.

Mother’s Day:

Be sure to bring your Mom, family, and friends for a special time of appreciation and worship Sunday, May 13. Join us for a photo opportunity and refreshments between services.

Building Materials Fundraiser:

If you would like to contribute to the Prayer Quilt Ministry Building Fundraiser, please place your donation in the offering and note “Building Fundraiser” on the envelope as well as on your check. If donating through our website www.CornerstonePoway.com, please choose “Building Fund” in the dropdown.

Life Group – Thursday nights:

Not in a Life Group? Would you like to make new friends, get refueled and refreshed? Come check out our Thursday night worship, group Bible study, and prayer time in the Main Sanctuary at 7 pm. Come early for snacks and fellowship! Invite someone, all are welcome!