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Graduating To The Next Level (Devotional 5-24-17)

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Life is about change. Many people are about to conclude a chapter in their lives and start a new one. These are transition times: graduations, new jobs, new summer jobs, weddings, retirement, the loss of a loved one, dating, etc! No matter where you are in life, you want to know how to get to the next level!

Some of you are about to hear a commencement speech that should help you move into that next level. But how do we prepare to be ready to see what’s coming down the road?

Maybe you’re a college senior about to enter the workforce. Maybe you’re a parent with a son or daughter who is on the verge of receiving a diploma. So here is some help:

Here are 5 inexpensive suggestions you can give to a college graduate:

  1. Connections. One of the best ways you can help a college graduate is by sharing your network of connections. Everyone has heard the cliché, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” because it’s true. One of the best gifts you can give a graduate is an introduction to someone you know who can help with a career opportunity.
  2. A Chipotle gift card! This place is amazing……. (maybe this is just me)
  3. A sneak peek into the advantages of doing life together. We’ve been to the future and can tell graduates what we’ve learned. For instance, it’s hard to make friends as an adult. You have to work hard to build community. When you share something like that with a college graduate, you’re giving something that can help them during hard times. As you do this, sneak also gift cards to Starbucks.
  4. Encouragement. Tell them you’re proud of what they’ve done so far. Tell them they’re going to do great things. Remind them that they’ve got a support system behind them no matter what happens. Choose encouragement over discouragement every time.
  5. Time. College graduates need some runway to put their lives together. We tend to think it will happen instantly. As if perhaps when they get their diploma they will also get a job, an apartment, a life purpose, and a dog named Kobe. They won’t. Those things take time. Don’t put undue pressure on an already pressure-filled moment. Give college graduates time.

The interesting thing is that for some of us the next step is clear, but for others, there is an unknown uncertainty in the next chapter in their lives. And this uncertainty produces fears or doubts in all of us. How can we overcome those doubts?

Come this Sunday as we discuss what Jesus says about facing that Next Step in your life!

Whoever finds God, finds life!

Pastor David Saenz

Cornerstone Church of Poway