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Generation Y (Devotional 7-5-17)

Cornerstone Joins Poway Community:
This Sunday, July 9, we are planning to gather as a church at Lake Poway and join in with our community for Cornerstone Summer Night. Music will be provided by a Beatles tribute band from 5:30-7 pm. Gather your life group, friends, and family and plan to arrive at 3 pm to get a good seat. Look for us west of the stage, our life group leaders will be wearing turquoise t-shirts. It will be a fun evening. See you there!

“Life As We Know It” Series:

Pastor David is teaching a series titled: Life As We Know It. This is a guided journey to the most important conversations we all want to have in different stages of our life. Each week we will discuss the next generation that follows. In different stages of life, it is often the little things that unexpectedly have the biggest impact, yet we continue living life as we know it. Be sure to join us as we address the five different stages in life with five very important conversations.

Gen Y
The physical heart muscle, fed by arteries, pumps and regulates the blood flow that carries oxygen and nutrients throughout our bodies. If we exercise that muscle through cardiovascular workouts and feed it healthy nutrients, it grows stronger. But let it languish and feed it toxins, and we all know what happens: the muscle grows weak and the arteries get clogged.
The same is true of our spiritual heart. The heart is the seat of our passions; it drives and compels us to be who we are and act as we do. It is the essence of our character.
Our culture is debt-fueled, sex-crazed, and dysfunctional—so much so that it can be difficult to see how wisdom in the Bible can possibly be relevant in our lives. All generations have struggled with this, but it is up to us Millennials to do life differently. When your faith intersects with God’s faithfulness, something happens in your relationship with God.

Join us as we address the different stages in life with conversations that may inspire the next generation. We may never know but these conversations just might start a chain reaction.

Whoever finds God, finds life!

Pastor David Saenz
Cornerstone Church of Poway