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Absentee Voting Form

On Sunday, January 29th, the Cornerstone congregation will be invited to vote on church matters outlined below. If you will be unable to attend, please submit your vote using the absentee ballot linked at the end of this article,  even if you aren’t sure whether you are a partner or not. (Technically, only active partners can vote in elections but we would appreciate your participation in any case, and we will check your partner status when the votes are counted.)

Absentee ballots must be submitted no less than 24 hours before the annual meeting; the deadline is January 28th at 9:30 AM.

Here’s a summary of the ballot. (If you don’t need a summary, you can go straight to the absentee ballot.)

VOTE OF CONFIDENCE: the Vote of Confidence is an important process in the church. All the church officers, including pastors and elders, must be affirmed by a 2/3 majority or be suspended from office, temporarily or permanently. You will be given the opportunity to vote on each one, individually. The current slate of officers includes:

  • Lead Pastor, Ed Turley
  • Executive Pastor, David Saenz
  • Elder, Youth Ministry Director, Worship Director, Joey Orate
  • Children’s Ministry Director, Diana Duke
  • Elder, Marty McClung
  • Elder, Troy Holaday
  • Elder, Don Jensen
  • Elder, Mark Rosales

any and all changes to the constitution of Cornerstone church must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the partners. This year’s changes are detailed in a separate page (here). Please review them before voting. You may wish to keep the page open in a separate tab as you vote. 

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